How to Buy

It’s really very easy to buy from the Ottawa Good Food Box! Just follow these simple steps.

1. Prepare to make your purchase

  • Figure out which product you want to order. Our Products page can help.
  • Find which of our distribution sites most convenient for you (this is where you’ll pay for, and pick up your order when it’s ready). Our Distribution Sites page can help. You can contact us if you can’t figure it out.
  • Decide whether you want to make your purchase online or in person.

2. Pay for your products

To buy in person, contact your distribution site coordinator to arrange payment. When you pay, your site coordinator will tell you the date and time to return to pick up your order.

For online orders, date and time for pickup is sent to you via email after your order has been submitted.

3. On pickup day, go to the site to get your order

Our products are packed into boxes that we reuse every month, so you should bring your own bags to carry your purchases back home. To get an idea how many bags you might need, our Products page shows the amounts of produce the boxes might contain.

When your picking up your order, don’t forget your copy of our latest newsletter.