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PICK-UP PROCEDURES for your health & safety

* Please review these procedures before placing an order! *

Order Pick-up Procedures:

  1. Come to your chosen location at your scheduled pick-up time. Please wear a non-medical mask. Have your order number ready!

    • Make sure to check your junk or spam folders email notifications from Good Food on the Move for information about your scheduled pick-up time.

  2. The pick-up area will be set up to promote physical distancing. Upon arriving, wait in line using the cones or markings on the ground as a guide to ensure you are 2 meters apart from other customers.

  3. When it’s your turn, your order will be pre-packed for you into biodegradable plastic bags by our volunteers.

    • Our volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves at all times. They will also have everything they need to keep their hands clean and sanitized.

  4. Before leaving with your order, please look over everything to make sure all of the items you’ve purchased are there and that it all looks fresh!

    • Good Food on the Move will not issue any refunds after a customer leaves a pick-up location with their order. By leaving with your order, you are agreeing to the above refund policy.

  5. There will be NO items for sale at the pick-up locations. Customers must pre-order through our online store and must schedule a pick-up time.



We need your help to keep everyone safe and healthy – we all have to do our part!

We ask you to please follow these requests:

  • Do not come to pick up your order if you have any symptoms such as fever, cough or trouble breathing. Click here to see a full list of potential COVID-19 symptoms.

    • If you are feeling unwell, send someone else to pick up your order for you. If this is not possible, send us a message right away by clicking this link.

  • To protect others at pick-up, please wear a non-medical mask or face covering if possible.

  • Please come to your chosen location ONLY at your scheduled pick-up time so we can avoid overcrowding.

    • If you’re early, walk around the block or stay far away from the waiting line to let other customers have their space.

    • If you’re running late, please call the site supervisor at your chosen location to let them know. Click here to see the contact list.

  • Send the fewest people possible to pick up your order.

    • Note that some customers may come with a support person or children out of necessity, not by choice. Trust that we are all doing our best!

  • Maintain physical distance of 2 meters minimum from all people at time of pick-up.

  • When it’s your turn to pick-up your order, please be as quick as possible and avoid lingering by moving away from the area once you have looked over your order.

  • Please maintain distance from our volunteers. They are generously giving their time to our customers so it’s critical that we keep them safe!

  • If you forget to pick up your order, please call the site supervisor at your chosen location immediately. Please visit the bottom of our Refund Policies page for more details about missed or forgotten pick-ups.


If done right, our ‘click & collect’ service can be one of the safest ways of getting healthy food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for doing everything possible to keep each other safe! 💕

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