Welcome to the Ottawa Good Food Box.

We are a non-profit community-based initiative bringing neighbours together to buy a variety of delicious and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. Our goal is to purchase food that is in season and is grown as close to home as possible.

It’s open to everyone.

What's New?

Ottawa Good Food Box is looking for a steering committee chair

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

As a partner to the Coordinators of the Ottawa Good Food Box (GFB), the Chair of the GFB Steering Committee supports and sustains the work of the GFB, and provides governance leadership and strategic fundraising support. Ideally, the Chair would serve for a minimum period of two years. This is a volunteer position.

Specific Responsibilities: • Planning and presiding over GFB Steering Committee meetings, and working with Steering Committee members and/or the GFB Coordinators in order to ensure follow-up actions are carried out as required; • Leading the development of the GFB strategic plan • Supporting the GFB Coordinators in the development of the annual work plan; • Developing and managing relationships with funders, partners, and other stakeholders; • Identifying prospective corporate donors, and assisting Steering Committee members with the development of grant applications and/or funding proposals; • Acting as an ambassador for the organization; • Assisting in the ongoing evaluation of the GFB against established objectives and performance indicators; • Supporting the GFB Coordinators in recruiting Steering Committee members; and • Periodically consulting Steering Committee members regarding their roles and helping them assess their performance.

Qualifications: • Extensive professional experience with significant leadership accomplishments in business, government, philanthropy, or the non-profit sector; • A passion for strengthening non-profit organizations • Demonstrated success as a non-profit board member or chair; • A natural affinity for cultivating relationships and convening, facilitating, and building consensus among diverse individuals; • Excellent written and oral communication skills coupled with savvy diplomatic skills; • Integrity; and • Credibility.

Commitment: 10 hours per month, including chairing a 2 hour monthly meeting in the evening. This is a working committee with steering committee members actively participating in sub-committees (fundraising, event planning, public relations, social enterprise) which report back to the steering committee. The Chair would help ensure that these sub-committees stay on track and accomplish objectives.

August Box Contents

Friday, August 12, 2016

Here’s what’s in the August boxes:

$20 box: corn, organic cauliflower, carrots, organic kohlrabi, onions, bananas, oranges, kiwi, organic red kale, organic tomato, lime, organic cantaloupe, broccoli, zucchini .

$15 box: corn, organic cauliflower, carrots, organic kohlrabi, onions, bananas, oranges, kiwi, lime, organic cantaloupe, organic tomato, romaine lettuce.

$10 box: corn, organic cauliflower, carrots, organic Kohlrabi, onions, bananas, oranges, kiwi, lime, organic tomato, romaine lettuce.

Fruit bag: bananas, kiwi, oranges, cantaloupe, apples, lime.

Organic box: kale, cauliflower, tomatoes, green onions, cantaloupe, kohlrabi, carrots, broccoli, green pepper, zucchini, parsley, mushrooms.

Our featured produce for August: corn. There will be tasty corn recipes in your newsletter.